First, The Concept And Working Principle Of Proxy Server


Proxy server (A) the concept of proxy server with the rapid development of Internet technology, more and more computers connected to the Internet. Many companies also have their own corporate LAN access to the Internet. How to quickly access Internet sites, improve network security, has become a hot topic today. In this case, the proxysite came into being.

Concept Of Proxy Server

The concept of proxy server, it is an intermediary between the personal network and Internet service agencies, which is responsible for forwarding legitimate network information, the forwarding control and registration. As a bridge between Internet and Internet, proxy server plays an extremely important role in practical application.

It can be used for many purposes, the most basic function is to connect, in addition to security, cache, content Filtering, access control management and other functions. Proxy server, as its name suggests, is a machine that cannot directly access the Internet in the local area. It sends the Internet access request (for example, browsing a certain home page) to a proxy server that can directly access the Internet.

Then the proxy server completes the Internet access request, into the proxy server’s cache; then pass this page to the requester. Such machines on the LAN are just as capable of accessing the network directly. And, the proxy server can also be some of the site’s filtering and control functions, thus enabling us to control and save Internet costs.

Proxy servers allow computers without IP addresses to use their proxy features to quickly and securely access Internet resources. When the proxy server client sends an external resource access request, the request is first recognized by the proxy server and requested by the proxy server to request resources.

Because the general proxy server has a large bandwidth, high performance, and can intelligently cache browsed or unbrowsed website content, under certain circumstances, the client can access the network resources through the proxy server more quickly. Common examples of proxy server applications: A LAN with hundreds of computers can also access the external Internet through a proxy server that has access to external network resources.

The function of the proxy server

The LAN port, Serving as a connection between the LAN and the external network serves as a connection port between the LAN and the external network. At the same time, the internal network structure is shielded from the external network so that the external network cannot directly access the internal network. At this point, the proxy server acts as a gateway.