Advantages Of Cool Welding Helmets

cool welding helmet


Large field of view provides good visibility of the welding object and the environment. Adjustable sensor slide to change the detection angle from 120 ° to 60 °. Thus, a reaction of the welder cassette to light pulse from the environment can be prevented.

WSH II 9-13: Equipped with an additional sensor for even more sensitive reaction. Protection level fine adjustment between DIN 5-9 and DIN 9-13 (WSH II 5-13) or DIN 9-13 (WSH II 9-13) Controller to adjust the sensitivity to the environmental conditions and your own needs.


Opening delay to adjust the switching time from dark back to bright state. WSH II 9-13: Auto or manual mode in auto mode, the helmet automatically adapts the adaptation of the protection level to the respective arc intensity.


In manual mode, the cool welding helmet remains in the set protection level. WSH II 5-13: Protection level setting DIN 5-9 or DIN 9-13 Abrasive mode for switching off the cassette for flicker-free grinding Interchangeable backup batteries for constant power supply to the consistent.

WSH II 9-13

The WSH II 9-13 is ideal for all applications with changing welding processes. This helmet allows a stepless adjustment between the protection levels 9 and 13 and is also equipped with an automatic mode, which individually adapts the protection level to the respective conditions.

Ergonomic helmet design with minimal strain on the neck muscles and comfortable headband with telescopic mechanism.

Special smoke-resistant design.

Rear-facing lens to prevent scratches.

Anti-glare cassette with lots of clever details.

Additional sensor so that the helmet responds even more sensitive.

Auto or manual mode for the automatic adaptation of the protection level or manual adjustment of the arc intensity

The WSH II 5-13 is the welding helmet for almost all welding processes.

The steeples adjustment between the protection levels 5 and 13 makes the helmet the perfect working tool for demanding welders with changing welding processes.