What Are The Hosting Functionality?

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How To Configure A Hosting Server

Configure a relational and tile cache data store with one of the connected GIS Server sites, and set that site as the hosting server for the ArcGIS Enterprise portal to allow members to perform the following tasks:

Publish hosted layers

Share layers and maps from ArcGIS Maps for Office

Map Viewer to add a zipped shapefile, CSV file or GPS Exchange Format file

Batch geocoding of addresses from a CSV file or table

Perform feature analysis in Map Viewer, Insights for ArcGIS, or ArcGIS Pro

Perform raster analysis through Map Viewer or ArcGIS Pro


To specify a GIS Server site as hosting server, the site must be licensed as an ArcGIS GIS Server site in Standard or Advanced Edition. For more information, see what is ArcGIS GIS Server? You will find detailed information about licensing.

Configure Data Stores

Hosting servers must be able to store data for the hosted layers published in ArcGIS Enterprise. You must configure the hosting server at least for storing feature layer data.

You can either install ArcGIS Data Store and create a relational and tile cache data store registered with your GIS Server, or you can create an enterprise geodatabase and register it as a managed database of the GIS Server site, when users publish hosted feature layers to the portal, the data is copied to the data store that you registered.

Older Versions:

In version 10.5.1 and earlier, an enterprise geodatabase could be used as a managed database for a hosting server. In ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 this is no longer supported. The managed database of a hosting server must be configured with ArcGIS Data Store as a relational and tile cache data store. An enterprise geodatabase can still be registered as an additional data store for an ArcGIS GIS Server site.

Using ArcGIS Data Store

ArcGIS Data Store is a separate installation provided with ArcGIS Enterprise that allows you to create and maintain the following hosted path data stores that youpublishto an ArcGIS Enterprise portal:

Relational Data Store: Stores the portal’s hosted feature layer data, including hosted feature layers that are created as output from spatial analysis tools that run in the portal.

Tile Cache Data Store: Stores caches for the hosted scene layers of your portal.

Spatiotemporal-type big data store: Archives real-time observation data that you can use with an ArcGIS server running the ArcGIS Geo Event server connected to your portal; also stores the results of ArcGIS Geo Analytics Server tools.

The GIS Server site hosting server must be configured with at least one relational and tiling cache data store. For instructions on installing the ArcGIS Data Store and creating a relational and tiling cache data store, see Overview of the ArcGIS Data Store Configuration and Related Topics.

The information under Apps and Functionality for which ArcGIS Data Store is required will help you determine what additional data store types you need.

Register A Managed Database

As mentioned previously, enterprise geodatabases are no longer supported as managed databases for hosting servers. For all reconfigured hosting servers, use a relational and tile cache data store of cheap web hosting.

Set The Hosting Server

Once one of the connected GIS Server sites has a relational and tile cache data store, you can register it as the portal’s hosting server.

Log in to the portal site as an administrator and navigate to Organization > Edit Settings > Server.

In the Hosting Server section of the page, click the drop-down list and select one of the GIS Server sites that you connected to the portal. If you have added multiple GIS Server sites to the portal, only one can be designated as a hosting Server.

For each service, items on the portal site for your portal organization appear on the Content page’s My Content tab.

The services that enable these items to appear in a folder named Hosted, which is listed when you log in to the GIS Server site through ArcGIS Server Manager.

You should now configure utility services for your portal if you have not already done so.

A Short Study About Disadvantages Of Fast Food

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Disadvantages Of Fast Food

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