How The Vacuum Cleaner Works?

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Vacuum Cleaner Functionality

The air pressure makes it Operation Air is the alpha and omega of a sucker. With compressed air, dust and dirt are sucked in, there is the separation of the dirt particles and filtering ensures pure exhaust air.

In principle, the vacuum cleaner operation is easy to explain: suck in air, filter, and blow out air again. But of course there is a lot of sophisticated technology behind this mechanism, otherwise we would constantly be standing in a cloud of dust while vacuuming.

The engine of a vacuum cleaner works with a fan, which generates the suction air by vacuum, with which then can be sucked.

Different technologies determine the way of working

However, the operation of the best buy vacuum cleaners reviews motors may vary from device to device. This is also related to the development of the bag less vacuum cleaner, which is considered a small revolution under the suckers.

In the Compressor technology powerful fan blades work on the required pressure and the cleaning of the air, the cyclone technique produces a strong air vortex, with which dust and dirt from the air are hurled. The filter plays an important role in the exhaust air.

Bag suction and bag less suckers

With bag suckers the dirt particles get into the dust bag, which sits in the housing of the device and can be exchanged. The bag less vacuum cleaner transports everything into a container, which is then emptied. The bag less vacuum cleaners use single-cyclone motors or multi-cyclone motors.

The multi-cyclone technique differentiates between coarse and fine dirt, so that multiple filtering takes place. The applied HEPA filter systems with special coating are a blessing especially for allergy sufferers, because the released air is even cleaner.

The advancement of technology increasingly optimizes the vacuum cleaner operation. While a lot of dust in older devices still ended up in the cleaner’s housing, this is no longer the case with the new generation models. This is ensured by the double and triple filters, which leave next to nothing.